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Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, PayPal (to rfisher@rickworld.com), Check (in US dollars), Wire Transfer (add $5 extra to order), or cash. Purchase orders are accepted for purchase of multiple copies.

How to Order

Currently there are three ways of ordering.

  1. Download the version of Find and Replace you want (see the download page). Install it. Open it up and click on the "About" button on the main form (or click on the "More Info" button in the 30 day trial notice). Then click on the "Order Form" button. After filling in the information you can either print the form, or send it via Email. If you select Email your credit card number will be encoded. If you do not want to EMail it you can print it and send it via regular mail or by FAX (415-435-6721).
  2. Download the Order Form Application. This allows you to order via Email where your credit card information is encrypted. You can also print it and mail or FAX it, but in this case I would suggest option 1 or 3 instead. (Note: the order form application uses 56-bit PC1* symmetric key encryption with a 512-bit Diffie-Hellman public key exchange mechanism)
  3. Download the pdf order form. This is useful if you just want an order form to print, but you don't want to download or install the software (especially useful for people who have been directed by someone else to order the product).