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Find and Replace 2.0 Version History

ver 2.07n 11/14/00 Fixed a problem when multiple Findspecs have different selections for the Whole Word option. Prior to this fix, when searching within code (modules and Code-Behind-Forms) the search was using the value of the WholeWord option of whatever Findspec was displayed at the time the search was started (i.e. using that value for all FindSpecs). Worked around gpf with low memory caused by Access.

ver 2.07m 06/27/00 Added Format and InputMask properties to form searches when "Other Properties" selected under Form and Report options. For registered versions, added InputMask property of fields to table searches. Enhanced Document Like spec (see Specifying Where to Search ) to allow multiple specs and "not like". Fixed problem with early expiration of Beta features; extended beta expiration. Fixed problem when search of queries done via the Name Builder feature. Fixed problem with logging "Debug Warning #1" (occurred when modifications were made to a source table of a linked table). Fixed problem where brackets were added in replacement erroneously. Added Options button. Updated order form. Other minor changes.

ver 2.07k 8/20/98 Miscellaneous minor bug fixes, enhancements. For registered versions, added Format property of Fields to table searches (don't have to use custom properties now).

ver 2.07h 1/22/98 Year 2000 compliancy issues addressed. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes, enhancements. When tables are re-attached because of a replace in the table connect property security settings will now be maintained (unlike standard Access re-attachments). Can now change SourceTableName of an attached table and table will be re-attached (to the new table name). Fixed problem occurring with Hebrew Language version of Access. Beta test of Set Control Property Wizard.

ver 2.07g 6/26/97 Fixed bug causing search to abort in modules with an error retrieving Find Specs.

ver 2.07f 4/22/97 Fixed bug in name builder (causing it to abort with an error message) when changing control names on a report. Fixed bug in Clean-up to Proper Case option causing infinite loop in some special cases. Cross-reference style reports now supported for any search (with logging enabled). Enhanced cross-reference report. Enhanced module search support for unsupported languages. Added support for Finnish version of Access. Replace dialog form may now be sized and the make additional changes control expands/contracts accordingly. Beta test of module variable report (new cross-reference feature).

ver 2.07e 9/29/96 Corrected logging of Table Index matches (it now says it is an index as opposed to a field). Table validation rule is now searched/changed after fields (so the rule won't be rejected when changing field names). Renamed "Type fBuffer" to avoid compile error problems with user code. Fixed bug in control name change builder (bug was introduced in version 2.07c) causing subscript out of range error. Significantly improved the speed of the control name change builder. Improved the speed of single object searches. Improved form/report caching speed somewhat. Improved detection of when additional brackets are required on name changes.

ver 2.07d 9/06/96 Added "Search user-specified properties" option that applies to Forms, Reports, Tables, and Queries. This replaces the "Custom" option that applied only to Forms and Reports. Removed Connect and Description properties from the standard Query Search. These can now be specified in the "Search user-specified properties" option if desired.

ver 2.07c 8/05/96 Improved speed of Cross-reference report.

ver 2.07b 7/17/96 Searching in Tables: added DefaultValue to search, fixed search in Description, miscellaneous fixes. Queries Search: added Connect and Description properties. Fixed bug in module searches when module name changed.

ver 2.07a 7/10/96 Added custom property search. Cross Reference Report: added what type of object the target is. Added support for the Dutch version of Access. Worked around rare Access GPF when searching queries. Added to search two event properties that were erroneously left out: OnMouseMove for a Form (this event was searched for a control), and OnUpdated for a control. Code searches now put proper procedure name in log when the procedure is static or private. Fixed proper case cleanup. Added Cancel (abort) option to some error message dialogs. Excluded queries named like "~tmp*" from search. Form/Report section name changes now propagate to event procedures. Other miscellaneous changes.

ver 2.07 5/15/96 Release of Form/Report Caching ( Fast-Search ) and Cross-Reference Report features (registered users only).

ver 2.06d 2/14/96 Fixed bug whereby Form/Report caching did not work unless you unchecked
the FastSearch Box and then checked it.

ver 2.06c 1/24/96 Minor changes. Features in Beta test: fixed bug in in Form/Report caching when the cache is configured to be in another database, extended Beta period expiration.

ver 2.06b 11/9/95 Minor changes (corrected new value display on log report when items not replaced, fixed main form display in 640X480).

ver 2.06a 10/23/95 Misc changes/enhancements. Changed Win NT check to acknowledge that Windows NT 3.51 will work properly (as opposed to 3.5 which had a bug that caused problems). Czech support added. Hebrew support added. Enhanced functionality when changing names without spaces to names with spaces. Beta for Form/Report Caching ( Fast-Search ) and Cross-Reference report.

ver 2.06 3/31/95 Improved sourcing of find specs from tables. Added search status/progress bar with Abort button. In table searches, table field descriptions are now searched (as they should have been all along). Worked around Access bug causing GPF in searches of more than 200 queries. Minor module search changes; other miscellaneous minor changes.

ver 2.05f 3/7/95 Fixed "non-existent table ..." error that caused module search to abort in some instances.

ver 2.05e 2/23/95 Table search now includes index names. Fixed Module search error "Action requires an object name argument" causing module search to abort. Fixed "Syntax error in date in query expression ..." error that occurred when non-standard date or time separators were specified in the Windows international date/time settings. Added support for Norwegian language version.

ver 2.05d 1/10/95 Added support for Italian Language version. Added capability to source Find/Replace Specs from a table. Attached table field names are now searched (but replace is disallowed since these types of changes must be performed in the source database). Error handling on attached tables improved (can now change connect string even if old connect string points to a missing file/table). Logging of module finds improved (every matching line within module logged). Worked around Windows NT 3.5 bug/anomaly that caused module searches to fail.

ver 2.05c 12/20/94 Fixed module search bug ('Syntax Error in the date in a query expression') that occurs when international dates are selected. Miscellaneous minor operational enhancements (e.g. error handling, logging).

ver 2.05b 11/14/94 Fixed bug where CBF was not being searched properly if you made 2 find/replace specifications (one or more than two worked fine). Added support for Spanish version.

ver 2.05a 10/13/94 French version support added. Fixed reports combo box list.

ver 2.05 10/09/94 Various fixes/enhancements: Help file added. Fixed registration problem with some foreign languages. Fixed "Yes to All" option (malfunctioned when multiple Find/Replace specifications had been made). Worked around module replace "all changes not made" when line too long problem. Fixed module search with multiple Find/Replace specs. Fixed "Skip All" option.

ver 2.04a 09/23/94 Minor fixes/enhancements: Erroneous self integrity check failure fixed. Search in CBF with multiple find specs improved. Logging enhanced.

ver 2.04 09/14/94 Fixed bug that prevented German version from loading. Added capability to specify multiple Find/Replace strings. Added change logging and reporting. Added Find only option. Added combo box selection for "Document name like" boxes. Added flexible "Yes To" and "Skip" options to the Replace confirmation dialog. Improved Control Name Change Builder. Misc. enhancements and minor bug fixes.

ver 2.03 08/08/94 Fixed bug that left Setwarnings off after form and report searches. Added CIS Registration info.

ver 2.02 08/03/94 If a control name is changed, the Event procedures now get renamed properly no matter what the length of the control name (note: the control name portion of an event procedure name is truncated by Access if the control name is long). Added Name Change Builder for the Name property in the properties box to let Find and Replace do the name change. Substantial improvement in module search. No longer searches all loaded modules. Will limit search to Object Like specification. No longer leaves modules open. User response only required for modules where a match is found. Includes other module search bug fixes. Interface change: Now can select multiple object types (Tables, Forms,...) and search them in one operation. German Language version support added. Miscellaneous changes to support foreign versions.

ver 2.01 07/08/94 Fixed Invalid Operation error message in form search (search was done correctly though). Enhanced Macro search: searches comments, improved macro name changing. Added a "Yes to All" option.

ver 2.00 07/05/94 Initial Version for MS Access 2.0

Note: dates are mm/dd/yy