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Find and Replace 7.0 Version History

ver 7.00f 08/20/98 Added support for Italian and Dutch versions of Access. Fixed problem when modifying macros containing Domenuitem actions. Added to macro search the database properties StartupForm, StartupMenuBar, and StartupShortcutMenuBar.

ver 7.00e 01/28/98 Fixed bug in custom property search in TableFieldValue search where the fieldname spec contains a wildcard. Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

ver 7.00d 07/21/97 Fixed bug causing search to abort in modules with an error retrieving Find Spec's. Added support for Swedish version of Access.

ver 7.00c 03/28/97 Fixed cross-reference report where blank control partially covered property value. Fixed problem with proper case clean-up option. Behavior with non-supported language versions (of Access) improved. Added support for German and French versions (worked around keyboard driver problem). Fixed "exclusive" option of user-defined properties search.

ver 7.00b 10/23/96 Reduced the number of key sequences that must not be redefined (for Find and Replace to work) to one (alt-E for the English version). Fixed a bug causing module searches to fail when, before you start Find and Replace, you minimize Access then you click the control box of the icon (unlikely if you are using Win95 or NT4), then restore or maximize the Access window, and then start Find and Replace (don't ask... it's a Windows API thing).

ver 7.00a 10/19/96 Fixed bug in module changes when replacing a string with nothing (i.e. deleting a string). Fixed custom color setting for highlighted text in the replace dialog. Support for code changes in German version of Access removed pending bug resolution.

ver 7.00 10/10/96 Initial Version for Access 7.0.

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