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Find and Replace 8.0 Version History

ver 8.01r 02/16/07 Fast search now speeds up query searches. Minor bug fixes. Extension of beta feature expiration date.

ver 8.01q 06/18/02 Fixed bug in cross-reference report when Generate Cross-Reference for Module Functions was selected whereby a function name was not recognized (and therefore not cross-referenced) if the function declaration had a line continuation before the left parenthesis. Also, during a normal Find and Replace operation, when text was found in a module, the incorrect function name would be indicated if the function declaration had a line continuation before the left parenthesis. Worked around Access behavior whereby when a recordsource is changed Access clears the Filter and OrderBy properties. Added 2 new features in beta test and extended beta feature expiration.

ver 8.01p 11/14/00 Cross-reference reports now properly locate invocations of forms/reports in code using the New keyword (e.g. code such as dim abc as new form_myform). TableFieldValue searches now allow searches of attached SQL tables (added the dbSeeChanges option). When Find and Replace must refresh the link to an attached view (e.g. a SQL Server view) it preserves any existing pseudo-index (unlike the linked table manager).

ver 8.01n 08/21/00
Fixed the Cancel button in the Replace dialog to abort immediately without looping through the remaining objects (this was a bug introduced in 8.01k). Added the Connect property of queries to be searched by default.

ver 8.01m 06/27/00 Fixed problem with logging "Debug Warning #1" (occurred when modifications were made to a source table of a linked table). Fixed problem where brackets were added in replacement erroneously. Fixed error 7952 in Set Control Property wizard when setting the Name property.

ver 8.01k 04/03/00 Beta test of cross-reference dependency report. Beta test of CommandBars search (CommandBars searched when Macros selected; need to enable Beta features). Added OnPage event to Reports searches. Errors related to logging fixed. Eliminated problem when user code in OnUnload and Onclose events interferes with F & R when the forms are put into design mode. Added extra table search option in Options settings that will speed up searches of linked tables. Other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements. Extended beta feature expiration.

ver 8.01h 1/10/99 Fixed bug (introduced in version 8.01g) that caused Document Name Like entries not to work properly for Reports, Macros, and Modules. Fixed bug in Fast-Search caching of reports that could cause some group header/footer properties not to be properly cached. Eliminated form and control shadow queries from list of queries. Further enhancements to Document Name Like specs. Added description property to all object type searches. Added OrderBy and Filter properties of queries to default search.

ver 8.01g 11/18/98 Enhanced Document Like spec (see Specifying Where to Search ) to allow multiple specs and complex And, Or, Not syntax. Fixed problem with early expiration of Beta features. Added Format and InputMask properties to form searches when "Other Properties" selected under Form and Report options. Fixed problem in log reports when database path contains an apostrophe. Added capability to specify log tables in a separate database. Fixed margins on cross-reference report. Added option to always enter edit mode in Find/Replace dialog box. Fixed Save Findspecs function to properly save the Whole Word option.

ver 8.01f 8/20/98 Cross-reference changes: Fields from table now allows wildcard spec for table name. Added field Format and InputMask properties to table search. Enhanced "synchronize linked table properties" option to include all Display Control settings. Added to macro search the database properties StartupForm, StartupMenuBar, and StartupShortcutMenuBar. Improved table relinking. Improved status indication and abort checking for attached tables with a large number of fields.

ver 8.01e 6/19/98 Fixed problem when modifying a source table's name (linked tables) when the source table name differs from the table name. Fixed a bug in error handling in table searches. Fixed Linked/Attached Table Options to indicate these options are not available to unregistered users (you could set them, but Find and Replace ignored them if it wasn't a registered copy; this caused some confusion).

ver 8.01d 6/8/98 Added Save/Load Find Specifications feature. Added capability to modify source tables of linked tables so you don't have to make the modification in the source database separately. Added options/preferences form. Added ToolBar property to form searches. Fixed display of Macro parameter name. Fixed problem with Macro Runcommand action in macros converted from prior version of Access. Minor bug fixes. Changes/fixes to features in Beta test.

ver 8.01c 11/17/97 Fixed bug in version 8.01b causing improper replaces when Replace without asking selected (ouch!). SourceTableName property for attached tables can now be changed and the table will be reattached.

ver 8.01b 11/07/97 Now ignore Foreign Key Indexes in table search since these names cannot be changed. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and enhancements. Beta test of Set Property Wizard.

ver 8.01a 07/21/97 The source table name of attached tables now properly searched (and the link is refreshed if changed). Beta test of module variable report (additional cross-reference feature).

ver 8.01 03/28/97 Initial Version for Access 8.0 (Access 97)

Note: dates are mm/dd/yy