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Find and Replace 9.0 Version History

ver 9.00k 03/25/11 This version adds supports for Access 2010 (with the same exception as Access 2007 that macros can only be searched, not modified). Added a 64bit version.

ver 9.00j 04/30/10 This version supports Access 2007, with the exception that macros can only be searched, not modified. Added capability to change paths in linked OLE unbound controls. Now allow Name property to be added to custom properties. Installation via the Access add-in manager is now disabled. You must install by opening the replace9.mde file directly and using the install button. Repl9.ini file now maintained in the same directory as replace9.mde. Other miscellaneous fixes/changes. Added ODBC attachments form (beta feature).

ver 9.00i 04/21/05 Fixed problem where macros would not get changed.

ver 9.00h 08/20/04 Fixed problem where changing multiple form names in one pass did not change all the occurrences. This was a problem for only the form names; items within the form (e.g. control names, recordsources, ...) were changed correctly. The problem also occurred for report, macro, and module names.

ver 9.00g 05/31/04 Added support for Access adp projects. Updated to support Access 2003. Cross-reference now looks at Search user-defined properties option on main form. Fixed module problem when using the name builder. New installation procedure added. Fixed problem where open forms get closed during search. Added new datasheet log view where double clicking on the item takes you to it in design view. Added SubdatasheetName, LinkChildFields, LinkMasterFields to query search. Other minor fixes/enhancements.

ver 9.00f 06/24/02 Miscellaneous fixes and minor enhancements.

ver 9.00e 07/02/01 Updated to support Access 2002 (XP). Fixed bug in cross-reference report when Generate Cross-Reference for Module Functions was selected whereby a function name was not recognized (and therefore not cross-referenced) if the function declaration had a line continuation before the left parenthesis. Also, during a normal Find and Replace operation, when text was found in a module, the incorrect function name would be indicated if the function declaration had a line continuation before the left parenthesis. Added AddFindSpec method to API. Added features in Beta test (reattachment wizard and field type change wizard).

ver 9.00d 11/14/00 Cross-reference reports now properly locate invocations of forms/reports in code using the New keyword (e.g. code such as dim abc as new form_myform). TableFieldValue searches now allow searches of attached SQL tables (added the dbSeeChanges option). When Find and Replace must refresh the link to an attached view (e.g. a SQL Server view) it now preserves any existing pseudo-index (unlike the linked table manager).

ver 9.00c 06/27/00 Fixed problem with logging "Debug Warning #1" (occurred when modifications were made to a source table of a linked table). Fixed problem where brackets were added in replacement erroneously. Fixed error 7952 in Set Control Property wizard when setting the Name property.

ver 9.00b 04/03/00 Added extra table search option in Options settings that will speed up searches of linked tables. Fixed name builder when used on subforms within a form. Fixed error when attempting to search subform that is within another form that is in design view when Find and Replace is started. Worked around bug in Access where the SourceTableName returned by Access is truncated to 32 characters. Other small enhancements and bug fixes.

ver 9.00a 03/02/00 Fixed problem for registered users where 30 day expiration notice would pop-up even though they were registered.

ver 9.00 02/26/00 Initial Version for Access 2000 (9.0)

Note: dates are mm/dd/yy